TASK9 has a team of dedicated dogs, handlers, and trainers.  TASK9 handlers meet weekly with their trainers to maintain for training allowing the teams to stay sharp by addressing any issues they may have. 

What are TASK9 K-9’s used for?
TASK9 Teams train to do one of the following:
Narcotic & Gun Detection work in factories, schools, amusement parks, hotels, apartments, and private homes. The dogs alert their handlers quickly when they detect any of the odors they have learned in training. Since the teams work privately, their finds are told only to their clients, and the dogs are trained on more odors since the fourth amendment searches apply to law enforcement and not private companies.
Explosive Detection K-9’s go to work in any place where safety is a big concern, such as community events, hospitals, amusement parks, concerts, utilities, hotels, and more. Because of the importance of their jobs, their training is strict and monitored closely.
Accelerant Detections K-9’s sniff out fire scenes for the possibility of an ignitable liquid was used to fuel a fire. Accelerants such as gasoline and other flammable liquids are common in Arson cases.
Bed Bug K-9’s go to hotels, apartments, hospitals, daycares, and more to detect where bedbugs may be hiding. Once the K-9 alerts to these tiny pests, the client contacts their pest control company to exterminate them.