• Our Patrol Division provides drive-through patrols and call response to the clients who contract with us 24-hours a day. Our security agents are consistently moving from private properties, watching out for any suspicious activity, or answering a call for service. Some everyday duties our security agents do while on patrol are;
  • contacting suspicious people
  • checking out suspicious vehicles
  • towing unwanted vehicles
  • securing doors/windows
  • removing unwanted trespassers
  • resolving disputes
  • responding to calls from dispatch
  • stopping illegal activity
  • writing reports of events
  • assisting in medical emergencies
  • calling police, fire or ems when needed

TASK9 has Stationary Agents who work on one specific site handling the client’s needs doing everything a patrol agent does, and other security-related duties. The patrol division will act as back up when stationary agents need additional help.

Both Patrol and Stationary Security Agents wear body cams, write reports, have GPS trackers on their bodies, and train regularly at the TASK9 Training Center.

TASK9 dispatch trains in what security agents do and train to help clients to get the help they need with their issue. The dispatcher is a lifeline for the security agents and calls police and emergency services at the security agent’s request. Dispatchers monitor cameras, GPS, radios, phones, and SMS bringing all the safety technology together.